This is the blog of one EVE online player — Zakk Jaku is my in-game. I’ve been playing off and on now for approximately four years. I’ve yet to really find my niche in EVE. I thoroughly enjoy the game, and exploring all there is to do and see (and buy) in-game, so I’ve been taking my time in finding my preferred profession in New Eden.

Mining, at the moment, is more of a hobby or pastime than a full-blown profession for me. Granted, it’s a great way to get cash. In fact, I see it as basically trading time for cash – after you purchase your cargo vessel and mining equipment (and perhaps some self-defense), it’s a little-to-no cost operation. Big startup, no residual costs (until you need to upgrade ships, which I see as another startup cost).

Ratting and missions are decent enough, but don’t exactly provide a whole lot of excitement or adrenaline. It’s all scripted and predictable. I typically do these when I’m testing fits and need something to shoot.

Exploration is enjoyable … or, it was prior to the Odyssey expansion. Now that Odyssey’s live there are screaming, neon billboards in every system shouting “Hey!!1! There’s a WORMHOLE OVER HERE. LOOK!!1!1! HERE IT IS!” You can’t swing a dead Minmatar without hitting a cosmic signature now. Sigh. I remember the good old days when wormholes were hard to find, and you actually felt like you did something when you found one. It feels like World of Something the way it holds your hand now. Maybe I’m just “old-timer griping,” though.

PvP and piracy? Well, plans may be in the works.

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