*cough, cough*

Wow, the dust around here is lethal.

I can’t say I had forgotten about the office here, but I certainly neglected it as I was seemingly too busy running mining operations or day trading on the markets or hunting down rats.

It’s easy to lose yourself in freedom.

With the coming (and now entering) of the Second Decade, I think it best I update these pages again. I have been keeping “analog entries” (read: paper journals) of ideas and notes through this time. Perhaps the time is right to release some of that information out across the network.

I have collected several of my own thoughts on the following:

  • Mining
  • Ratting
  • Trading
  • Comparison of the above three as revenue streams
  • Ship fitting
  • EVE’s metagame

I plan to start organizing these notes and publishing series of posts on each, perhaps eventually combining some into e-books.

Until then, safe skies.

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