Looking for nothing

Highsec space is getting crowded.

Not that highsec wasn’t crowded before now. It’s always been crowded. I’m just noticing it more; it’s starting to grate on me a bit more, too.

Several areas of nullsec are the same way. The borders to null from Empire space are rife with predators. Large pockets of null are now so colonized and organized they may as well be labeled Empire space 2.0, for that matter.

So I’ve been watching the traffic logs on the system maps, mostly while running errands for the Sisters of Eve. Their missions, whilst labeled a “grave threat” to modern society, are hardly challenging or unique. Rogue drones are rather common in many sectors, despite what the Sisters may believe. But the pay is stellar and gives me something to occupy my time while making notes on traffic patterns – or a specific lack thereof.

Several systems have recurringly appeared devoid of activity on the traffic logs as well as my own scanners for the better part of a week’s study. Obviously I will continue to watch and notate my findings for a month or more before packing up the needed supplies for an extended stay in my hopeful region of choice.

Forgive me if I don’t tell you my intended waypoints — I don’t want people following me there.

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