Find your groove

To me, it is important to find your groove. One of the biggest (wonderful) problems, however, is distraction. Great universes like New Eden are designed to have lots to do and see, and it’s often far too easy to get sidetracked. Getting pulled off course is part of the joy of life here, but doesn’t necessarily make for a productive session in-world.

Not that all the ships and clones I’ve been chewing through are productive to a growing wallet, either. But I’m seeing loss as growing in this case. And, I’m finding my groove…

I’ve spent the past two nights in lowsec. Actually, I’ve forced myself to stay in several 0.3 systems with no stations just to see how long I can survive. The ratting and loot (and bounties) are great here, but I can’t carry loot home if I’m blasted back to a vat of goo. But, I’m learning. I’ve actually survived more traps (and avoided probably double again) the ones that have snared me.

And to be sure, I’ve been running rig- and augmentation-free the past few nights.

It’s even more warming to the heart to know the players that have wiped me got little more than the satisfaction of the kill, because what they’ve looted from my little Hooptie was worth squat.

My corp-mate joined me tonite in his first full venture into lowsec. I explained to him the importance of scouring the map statistics prior to jumping in, and of using the directional scan and monitoring the local comms once in-system. We ratted about a dozen Blood Raiders, avoided a few pirates, and I was able to run interference from a local Billy Badass long enough for my bud to jump out with his ship (and loot) still intact.

I know we’re asking for more trouble in lowsec than in null (to a point) because so many pirates like to comb the lowsec areas for the learners like us. But that’s really the whole point of us choosing lowsec by that same token – to get that needed skillset cranked. So, it’s a symbiotic relationship with the predators – for now.

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.

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2 thoughts on “Find your groove

  1. Black Claw says:

    If you’re interested in joining a corp offering nullsec survival training, look me up in game. You only need to be in the corp for as long as you learn what you need to and want to, then you can go back to your own corp. 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the comment and the invite, Black Claw. I’ve been following the development of OUCH with you and your secondary, Alexia Morgan. It may well be something I look into. Oh, and welcome back to New Eden as the main 🙂

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