Never bet it all

I lost a ship today.

Yes, losing ships is a part of EVE. That’s why we have escape pods, why we have insurance, and why we have clones.

But I didn’t just lose any ship. I lost a ship.

Granted it’s a ship I normally sell on the market for about 30,000 ISK. I say “sell,” because I manufacture them myself from materials that I mine myself on occasion. So my out of pocket expense is essentially nothing – just time. Even still, I had premium insurance on it. So, in effect I made about 30,000 ISK.

The problem lies in the rigs I had in it. Unsalvagable rigs, which totalled about 3 million ISK from my experimenting to make the ship the best it could be. And finally, I was only able to salvage two turrets from the wreck, losing the one middle slot and three low slot items.

You already see where I’m going with this.

Every time you undock, consider your ship lost. Because it’s always a possibility, even in highsec. In fact, even if you’re not running missions, or in the faction wars, or even war dec’ed you can still get popped somewhere by someone.

Yet there are less obvious lessons here. Consider carefully what you fly, and why. Frigates, battleships, command ships or industrials? What is your escape plan? What do you do if you’re caught in a web? What is your cargo? How close are your allies? Have you checked the statistics on the map of ships and pods lost in your area and/or path?

What are your strategies for survival and recovering from loss?

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2 thoughts on “Never bet it all

  1. Myself, I’m not sure if I’d ever put a rig onto a ship that I didn’t have a spare for.

    It’s the same with the brain chips — I’d never slot one in, unless I had at least one reserve (probably two) for the next clone.
    Ships, on the other hand, you can buy on the market.
    But, then, I only go “out” when I have to.

    • Chris says:

      Definitely, the comfort level of “disposability” is something each capsuleer has to come to grips with. Even still, I think that level will vary depending on several variables. To be honest, I’ve never even bought augmentations – I’ve only plugged in what I’ve been awarded from missions. And most of the time I forget I even had them in a clone until I wake up in a vat of goo with a headache…

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