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I keep forgetting my camera

With all the new updates and improvements in Dominion, one of my favorites is the new planet graphics. I keep getting so wrapped up in-game, however, that I forget to grab decent screenshots of all the eye candy. Here’s one to hold you over until I remember my camera…

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Focus, Grasshopper

In starting my own, first corporation in New Eden, I’m reminded of several things. The first of which was the complexity of everything – and I mean everything.

But, more to the point is the need for focus. Some members want the corporation to focus on pvp, or nullsec exploration, or manufacturing, or mission running, or even bounty hunting. Then I get asked “What else should we focus on?”


I appreciate their enthusiasm. Even admire it. But, the old adage rings truer still in EVE – “Jack of all trades, master of none.” The same ideal holds true from character development to forming a successful corporation. The division of time, money and resources in following multiple paths of advancement will lead to even less than the sum of their parts.

The trick, if there really is one, is to do just one thing well. In fact, it’s hard enough to garner the time and resources to do one thing well enough in New Eden. The issue of diminishing returns in skill advancement makes for a very long pursuit of even one path.

My thoughts on corporation development is for most of the members to pursue the same path and common goal. Pool the resources. Even if all members are doing the same thing (say, for example mining), division of tasks and areas works well. If all members (or most) are mining, then members can mine in different systems and for different ore to pool a very large pile of wealth.

So, the moral of this story is to enjoy what you do, enjoy the time in which you do it, and you will enjoy it even more if you limit yourself a tad.

As Caine would say, “I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions. “

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Here boy, fetch!

Some of the other, younger pilots are grumbling.

Okay, well it’s most of them. Or at least most of the ones in earshot. They’re complaining they’re always broke. They get no respect. They don’t have certain skills. They don’t have the ISK to get certain skills. Did I mention they are quite vocal about being broke?

They gripe about being nothing more than errand boys (and girls) for their various corporations. “Go here. Fetch that. Bring it there.” This isn’t what they signed on for, they claim. Where are the huge battleships? The glory? The fame? The 12 digits of ISK in their accounts?


Not unlike life outside New Eden, far too many want to get by without paying their dues. For me, the learning is more than half the fun. I enjoy figuring things out, understanding what loadouts do/don’t work on various ships, toying with the market, getting in over my head and finding a way out. Experimentation = enthusiasm in my book.

So it’s off with me to go learn a bit more.

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Finding my way through space

This is the blog of one EVE online player — Zakk Jaku is my in-game name. I’ve been playing off and on now for approximately nine months. I’ve yet to really find my niche in EVE. I thoroughly enjoy the game, and exploring all there is to do and see (and buy) in-game, so I’ve been taking my time in finding my preferred profession in New Eden.

I’ve discovered mining just isn’t for me. Granted, it’s a great way to get cash. In fact, I see it as basically trading time for cash – after you purchase your cargo vessel and mining equipment (and perhaps some self-defense), it’s a little-to-no cost operation. Big startup, no residual costs (until you need to upgrade ships, which I see as another startup cost).

I prefer a little more excitement. Mission running is fun in its own right, but a tad too “predictable” from the AI. Entering the Faction Wars may be my style, as I’m looking forward to a bit of PvP once I get my skills up more. But in terms of hardcore PvP, piracy doesn’t really suit me. I prefer to warp through highsec systems without the sentry guns and Concord trying to shrink my ship to an egg.

Given my RL experience, I’m fairly certain playing the markets will be the biggest method of ISK flow for my character. Whether that means “daytrading” as it were, or actually getting into the industrial sector is yet to be seen.

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